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We provide full service for brands to embark on their TikTok journey, including account setup, training, messaging strategy, and TTS operation consulting, including near real-time analytics you can’t find anywhere else.

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One-stop shop solution for clients’ content needs on TikTok, including content planning, creation (scripting, filming, editing, VFX, etc.), asset management etc. to ensure the content is engaging, effective, and optimized for TikTok.

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We are working with a toy brand with over $100M sales in the US on a 12 month deal involving 120 pieces of  TTS content with 10 of our creators.

Client case 2.png

We are working with an athleisure breand with over $200M sales in North America on a 12 month deal involving 60 pieces of TTS content with 10 of our creators.


Fully customized livestream solution for your brand.

Engaging livestreaming content optimized for TikTok Shop conversion.

Worked with multiple brands in cosmetics

and fashion in designing and executing their livestream channel on TikTok.


We use data tracking and analytics throughout our solutions:

audience matching, traffic buy, content creation and conversion tracking to deliver strong, reliable and scalable results.

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